Transform the wellbeing of your workforce

Breathe in, breathe out. You’ve found a complete solution for employee health.

With the em•power platform your company is able to:

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Track employee health and wellness progress

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Follow improvement

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Reduce burnout and increase retention

Support employee engagement and building culture

Data-driven wellness

We provide a complete solution for work-life balance, data-driven wellness, and a proactive approach to redefining workplace wellbeing.

Our proprietary engagement platform provides employee wellness analytics to help guide the app experience. By monitoring collective team health, you can offer employee benefits that truly matter and really make a difference.

The em•power platform provides analytics on the daily overall pulse of your employees’ wellbeing. This will help direct funds and energy to meet your team’s needs.

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By tailoring the platform to restore employee health, your business can save critical dollars by spending only where it is needed and valued.

The Ethos Evaluation is the answer

Your Ethos Makes You

By evaluating employee Ethos in the Seven Dimensions of Life, we can help them get where they need to be, in turn, promoting collective success

Taking the overwhelm out of wellbeing

With em•power, a wealth of resources will become available to the people who make your business better. In addition to the app, we offer virtual workshops, opportunities for custom retreats, guest experts in your space, and more

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Through the app, your employees will have access to simple functional movement videos, meditations, podcasts, community engagement, and specially curated platform and challenges.

Creating employees who are empowered and engaged addressing the challenge of the “great resignation”

In this dynamic and recovering economy, it is critical that companies stand out to attract and retain employees.
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OF employees now look for employers who can support them in achieving a work-life balance.
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of surveyed employees want a personalized platform.
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want a more flexible wellness platform, allowing them to participate whenever, wherever

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